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Tilba Coastal Retreat The Bungalow Accomodation David Rogers Photography living room

Bungalow Guidebook

Delicate Fabric

Welcome to the Bungalow

We are very pleased to host you in this wonderful part of the world. If you require anything during your stay, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0403 627 037. Please see a few tips below to assist you during your stay:

Property Etiquette

We expect our guests to be respectful of our property, furnishings and we simply ask that you leave the space as you find it whilst staying at Tilba Coastal Retreat. All guests must respect the right of any other guests to experience a safe, clean, tidy, relaxing environment throughout their stay. All guests are asked to keep volumes of TV, radio, music and other activities at a reasonable level at all times.

Please drive slowly at all times on the property, as there are animals about.



To connect to the free Wi-Fi, please use the following details: Network: TCR Guest Wi-Fi, Password: tilbawifi

NBN Wi-Fi is available on the property, and is generally very good, but can occasionally be affected by weather conditions.

Smart TV

Reception can be of low quality at times on particular channels, due to varying factors such as weather conditions. We have installed a signal booster on the back of the TV to improve the signal from the aerial, as best as possible, however, this does not always guarantee a perfect picture. Alternatively apps such as Netflix, Stan, YouTube etc. are preloaded on the TV and can be accessed through the remote control, or the home button/menu. Log in via your personal account if you have one.

In addition, feel free to log into TV apps on your personal device (7+, 9Now, 10Play, ABC iView, SBS On Demand etc), and stream to the TV. To stream/mirror or cast to the TV from your personal device, press the “Input” button on the remote, or select it from the home page menu. Select the “Anyview Cast” button then, on your personal device, select “smart view” or similar…the TV will now connect to your device and you can begin to mirror your device to the TV. Please note, the name of this Hisense TV is ”Smart TV” (if multiple TV names appear).


To operate the Heller quartz radiant heater, turn the bottom knob to your desired heat setting as below:

-  The first setting marked “1” = 800W Low heat (This is also the heater’s ‘ON’ switch).

-  The second setting marked “2” = 1600W medium heat,

-  The third setting marked “3” = 2400W high heat,

-  The fourth setting marked with the “fan symbol” = 2400W + Fan operation for maximum heat.


The top dial is the thermostat control knob. The heater will maintain the desired room temperature you select by turning the knob. Turn clockwise to maintain a higher temperature; anti-clockwise for a lower temperature. When the desired room temperature is reached, the thermostat will automatically switch off the bottom element only. If the room temperature drops below the desired comfort level, the thermostat will automatically switch the bottom

element back on and so forth, maintaining your desired comfort level.

Note: The thermostat has no effect when the heater is in the lowest heat mode. i.e. when only switch ‘1’ is on.


Switching off:

-  Select the “OFF” power setting and set the thermostat control to the MIN position – by turning both knobs/dials all the way to the left (anti-clockwise direction).


Music Speakers

There is a complimentary Sony Bluetooth speaker available upon request – please get in touch should you require it throughout your stay.

To listen to music from your device, ensure Bluetooth is active on your device to search for the Sony speaker (SRS-XB20), hold down the “Power/on” button on the speaker to connect. Alternatively, use the audio cable supplied with the speaker, to connect to your device.

Tank Water and Septic 

There is filtered tank water for drinking, cooking, coffee/tea making, washing up, and showers. Please note, the water is clean, but may have a slight discolouration to it. As we have a limited supply of tank water, please be mindful of water consumption for showers etc. 

To help keep our septic functional, scrape all food scraps into the rubbish bin before washing up. Do not dispose of any items other than toilet paper in the toilets.


We have a Rinnai - Gas Continuous Hot Water System installed, but if you ever experience no hot water, it just means the gas bottle is empty, please get in touch for us to change it over immediately.



  • TCR has areas of steep slopes, large trees, dams and holes. Guests are urged to take precautions when walking around the grounds and to use one of the torches provided if out and about on the property at night.

  • There are electric and barbed wire fences surrounding the property, to prevent shocks, please do not touch any fence wires.

  • Please be careful of falling branches from trees after we have had rain/wind.

  • There is also a risk of snakes, ticks, spiders and other insects.

  • First aid kits are provided in each room.

  • Mosquitoes are present in warmer months. Prevent insects and wildlife entering buildings by keeping doors and windows without screens closed and using screens where available. Personal repellent spray is provided in each room.

General Notes

  • The switch/knob for the ceiling fan is located by the front door. Turn clockwise to operate. Please note, the highest/fastest setting is the first setting, the lowest setting is all the way to the right.

  • All grass/lawn areas are deemed common areas, so please feel free to get out and explore the property.

  • There are extra pillows available in your suite, located in the blanket box under the window by the front door.

  • Please note, property maintenance may be carried out between 10am-3pm. This may include tractor and power tool noise for grass mowing and weed trimming etc. There are neighbouring properties to TCR, which are working farms - there may be noise from those properties, such as farm equipment/machinery/motorbikes/animals etc. at any given time, which is completely out of our control.

Looking to explore the area?

Check out things to do, what to see and where to eat. A few of our favourites are on our explore pages - Explore

Tilba Coastal Retreat The Bungalow Accomodation David Rogers Photography living room
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