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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Date of Last Update: 16 March 2024 

We expect our guests to be respectful of our property and furnishings...and we simply ask that you leave the space as you find it whilst staying at Tilba Coastal Retreat (TCR):

Arrival/Departure Times:

Check in time is from 12pm to 9pm. There is signage for parking spots and room location on site.
Check out time is strictly by 10am.

Responsibility for loss or damage:

You are financially responsible for any loss or damage caused to any rooms and its contents (normal wear and tear excluded) by you during your stay.
No responsibility is taken for guests’ personal belongings on the property, including damage to vehicles and other personal property from falling branches and trees.

Property Etiquette:

All guests must respect the right of any other guests to experience a safe, clean, tidy, relaxing environment throughout their stay. All guests are asked to keep volumes of TV, radio, music and other activities at a reasonable level at all times.
Please drive slowly at all times on the property, as there are animals about.
Please note, property maintenance may be carried out between 10am-3pm. This may include tractor and power tool noise for grass mowing and weed trimming etc. There are neighbouring properties to TCR, which are working farms - there may be noise from those properties, such as farm equipment/machinery/motorbikes/animals etc. at any given time, which is completely out of our control.

Telephone and Wi-Fi:

Mobile reception can be unreliable, Telstra and Optus are the best providers for the area, whilst Vodafone has fairly poor coverage in the Tilba region. NBN Wi-Fi is available on the property, and is generally very good, but can occasionally be affected by weather conditions.

Smoking/Incense Burning:

Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors; you may smoke outside using ashtrays. We also must insist that no incense is to be burned inside at any time. Please ensure doors/windows are closed when smoking outside, so smoke does not go inside any rooms.

Fire pit:

The fire pits are a seasonal addition to all suites which can be used during the colder months from May to October. We provide a starter pack of kindling, fire starter, lighter, and a sufficient amount of wood for each night booked. The fire must be attended/supervised at all times and must be fully extinguished at the end of the evening or when guests vacate the property. Extreme care is also required when it is windy, and observance of NSW fire bans are essential.

Wood Fire – Terrace Suite:

This is a radiant wood burning fire which is extremely hot to the touch, so please take care when in use, and don’t leave anything on top of the fireplace. The fire can be used during the colder months from May to October only. As this is a very efficient wood burner, you won’t need a lot of wood to heat the place up. We provide a starter pack of kindling, fire starter, lighter, and a sufficient amount of wood for each night booked – Extra wood is available to purchase for $25 for a basket, which contains various sized pieces of wood.
Please contact Greg or Carrie on 0403 627 037 to arrange. This must be paid in cash or bank transfer at time of request.
To light the fire, position both levers to the right-hand side – the top lever is the vent, to control air flow throughout the duration of the fire, and the bottom lever is the flue, to help disperse excess smoke/exhaust gasses from the fire, when being lit for the first time, or occasionally when a new piece of wood has been put on.

BBQ facilities:

Guests in “The Courtyard” and “The Terrace” each have access to a BBQ to prepare meals.
Guests are asked to clean the BBQ back to the condition it was found in, and the gas bottle must be turned off after use.

Tank Water & Septic:

There is filtered tank water for drinking, cooking, coffee/tea making, washing up, and showers. Please note, the water is clean, but may have a slight discolouration to it. As we have a limited supply of tank water, please be mindful of water consumption for showers etc.
To help keep our septic functional, scrape all food scraps into the rubbish/green waste bin before washing up.
Do not dispose of any items other than toilet paper in the toilets.
We have a Rinnai - Gas Continuous Hot Water System installed, but if you ever experience no hot water, it just means the gas bottle is empty, please get in touch for us to change it over immediately.


TCR has areas of steep slopes, large trees, dams and holes.
Guests are urged to take precautions when walking around the grounds and to use one of the torches provided if out and about on the property at night.
There are electric and barbed wire fences surrounding the property, to prevent shocks, please do not touch any fence wires.
Please be careful of falling branches from trees after we have had rain/wind.
There is also a risk of snakes, ticks, spiders and other insects.
First aid kits are provided in each room.
Mosquitoes are present in warmer months. Prevent insects and wildlife entering buildings by keeping doors and windows without screens closed and using screens where available. Personal repellent spray is provided in each room.

Children Supervision:

Please note, Tilba Coastal Retreat is available for adults only. However, if children are on the property at any given time, they must be supervised at all times. The safety of all children remains the sole responsibility of their parent/guardians. Please note, there are electric fences surrounding the property.


We are dog friendly in the Terrace and Courtyard suites only - maximum of 2 dogs per stay.

Payment Policy

Payment Schedule:
100% of total room tariff at time of booking.

Payment Options:
Credit card: Visa, Mastercard and AMEX
1.5% surcharge on VISA and Mastercard
2.4% surcharge on AMEX

Direct bank transfer available – details supplied upon request .

TCR reserves the right to adjust rates at any given time.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a reservation:
Regular season bookings:
Full refund for up to 14 days before check-in.
50% refund from 14 to 7 days before check-in.
0% refund if cancelled after that.

High season bookings:
Full refund for up to 30 days before check-in.
50% refund from 30 to 7 days before check-in.
0% refund if cancelled after that.

Credit card surcharges are non-refundable.

All notices of cancellation must be made in writing.​

TCR reserves the right to reject booking requests.
TCR reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.
Please note, we do not refund bookings due to Covid-19 cancellations.

Furnishings and other items may differ from advertised photos, due to refreshing/upgrading of quilts, furniture, prints, gardens etc. from time to time.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our Terms & Conditions, please contact us via email at

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