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Credit Destination NSW Bermagui Camel Rock

Credit - Destination NSW

Nature based

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Tilba, Narooma, Mystery Bay and Bermagui are rich in natural beauty, offering a variety of nature-based activities for outdoor enthusiasts. These nature-based activities offer a mix of coastal exploration, wildlife encounters and outdoor adventures.


Whether you're interested in hiking, mountain biking, fishing, surfing, or simply enjoying the natural beauty, our region has something for everyone. Please always check local guidelines and safety information before engaging in outdoor activities. Here are some nature-based activities you can enjoy during your stay. 

Tilba Coastal Retreat Tilba Aerial_David Rogers Photography


Bellbrook Farm Loop Walking Track - Central Tilba

Bellbrook Farm Loop Track is a scenic walking trail that takes you through the picturesque landscapes around Central Tilba and Tilba Tilba. The loop offers beautiful coastal and countryside views in the foothills of Mother Gulaga Mountain. The exact length of the loop may vary, but it’s typically an easy-medium walk, around 45 minutes with a halfway rest stop. The trail head commences behind the Dromedary Hotel in the main street of Central Tilba. This is National Park so no pooches allowed on this walk.

Gulaga National Park Summit Hike - Tilba Tilba

Mother Gulaga and the surrounding landscapes are culturally significant for the local Yuin Aboriginal people. It is a challenging but very rewarding walk. It provides views of the beautiful countryside around Tilba, traverses through stunning rainforest and lush landscapes. Hiking to the ‘Saddle’ is approximately a 2.5 hour round trip and great rest spot where magnificent, sacred giant granite tors are hidden within rainforest. The Summit, a 5-hour return trip continues on from The Saddle where it’s a gradual hike until the final steep ascent up to the summit. The trail head starts behind Pam’s Store in Tilba Tilba. It’s important to wear appropriate footwear and bring water and snacks. No dogs allowed on this hike.

Tilba Beach

A beautiful drive down Sheringham Lane, through farmlands and stunning views will lead you to the historic Tilba Cemetery, located on the headland overlooking Tilba (aka Cemetery). Parking on the grasslands near the cemetery, you will find a path that descends onto the secluded beach. Tilba beach is off leash dog friendly all year round. Being almost deserted all year round, this huge expanse of coastline provides ultimate tranquillity. Please take extreme care if swimming, this beach is unpatrolled with dangerous rips and currents.

credit Destiniation NSW Mystery Bay NSW

Mystery Bay

Credit - Destination NSW

Corunna to Billys Beach Loop Walk - Mystery Bay

The locality of Corunna was the home of a major Recreation Ground for the area in the late 19th Century. In 1892 an oval cycling track was constructed. The historic velodrome is preserved today as a walking track. There is parking outside Corunna Farm, with a gate and signpost to mark the start of the track. It is a stunning costal 45-50 minutes, with lots of lookout vantage points along the way. Best tip is to follow the left side of the track.

Mystery Bay Beach - Mystery Bay

Mystery Bay Beach is a picturesque and relatively secluded beach which provides a relatively calm environment suitable for swimming, especially on days with gentle surf conditions. The beach is an excellent spot for beach combing and has unique rock formations and sea caves. Mystery Bay Beach is accessible by car and there is a parking area near the beach. The beach is not patrolled, so visitors should exercise caution and follow any safety guidelines. Mystery Bay Beach is a time share off leash dog friendly beach.

1080 and Poole's Beach - Mystery Bay

Both 1080 and Poole’s Beach can be accessed via a dirt road off Lamont Young Drive in Mystery Bay. They are part of the National Park and provide magnificent views from the lookouts and picnic areas before descending onto either secluded beach. Sorry, no dogs.

Mystery Bay
Destination NSW Narooma Southbound Escapes Bike Hire


Credit - Destination NSW

Australia Rock - Narooma

This natural landmark is known for its shape, which resembles a map of Australia. The rock is positioned near the coastline, making it a popular spot for visitors to admire and photograph. This unique feature has made it a notable and iconic landmark in the region. Australia Rock is easily accessible by car, and there are usually designated parking areas nearby.

Seals on the Breakwall - Narooma 

The Narooma Breakwall is located near the entrance to Wagonga Inlet in Narooma and serves as a pleasant location for a leisurely walk along the waterfront. The breakwall is a good vantage point for observing marine life, including seabirds, dolphins and seals. The clear waters of the inlet make it an attractive habitat for various aquatic species. The breakwall is a favoured location for fishing enthusiasts. It provides a platform for anglers to cast their lines into the ocean or inlet waters.

Glasshouse Rocks Narooma NSW

Glasshouse Rocks - Narooma

Glasshouse Rocks is a stunning geological formation located just south of Narooma. This natural landmark is renowned for its unique and picturesque rock structures along the coastline and is popular with photographers. Glasshouse Rocks Beach is dog friendly. 

Surfing - Narooma, Kianga and Dalmeny

Our beaches offer several surf breaks along the coastline. As conditions can change, it's recommended to check with surf reports or talk to local surfers in the area for insights. The water temperature in this region can be cooler, especially during winter. A good wetsuit is recommended for year-round surfing.

Carters Beach Kianga NSW Credit Dave Hush

Mill Bay Board Walk and the Narooma to Dalmeny Coastal Trail - Narooma

The coastal walk from Narooma to Dalmeny is approx. 7kms, offering a scenic route along the coastline on a sealed path that is shared by cyclists and pedestrians. The trail provides stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, beaches and the surrounding coastal landscape. You may encounter lookout points with panoramic views where you may see whales from September to November. The walk typically starts from the Narooma Bridge and follows the coastline to the small coastal township of Dalmeny.

Narooma Mountain Bike Trails

The recently completed Narooma Mountain Bike Trails offer world class riding just north of Dalmeny in the State Forest. For more information on mountain biking in our region, please check out the Narooma Mountain Bike Club website and Trailforks.

Destination NSW Bermagui Horsehead Rock at night


Credit - Destination NSW

Horsehead Rock Walk - Wallaga Lake

The walk to Horsehead Rock follows a trail along the coastline and cliff tops. It's a popular photography spot due to the rock's distinctive shape, which resembles a horse's head. The trail head starts at the Camel Rock Beach car park. 

Camel Rock - Wallaga Lake

Camel Rock is a distinctive rock formation located near Bermagui. This natural landmark is known for its unique shape, resembling a camel lying down. Camel Rock is a popular spot for photographers, especially during sunrise or sunset when the changing light enhances the beauty of the rock formation. Camel Rock Beach is popular with surfers in the right conditions. 

Destination NSW Bermagui Blue Pool swimming

Credit - Destination NSW

Blue Pools - Bermagui

The Blue Pools are located in the charming coastal town of Bermagui. The pools consist of natural rock pools that are filled with crystal-clear water. The pools are surrounded by rocks and coastal vegetation, creating a picturesque setting. They are and inviting spot for those looking to cool off on a warm day. There is parking available near the site. From the parking area, visitors may need to walk a short distance down a long flight of stairs to reach the pools.

Morehead Beach - Bermagui

To find this gorgeous dog friendly beach, you simply turn left off Wallaga Lake Road (just before the Bermagui Bridge) and follow the road until the end where you will see parking. It is a very calm beach perfect for relaxing swims, with the most stunning views looking back at Mother Gulaga.

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