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Pet Friendly Guidebook

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We love Dogs

Here at Tilba Coastal Retreat we LOVE dogs, with our 3 little doggies, Tilly, Tana and little Piper loving the beautiful 6 acre property we live on. We are very happy to welcome well behaved dogs, (and their owners of course), but would ask that you follow a few simple rules, and remember that taking a holiday with your dog isn’t the same as taking a holiday from your responsibilities as a dog owner. That way we can keep the quality of our suites both as pet-friendly and for pet-free guests. Many thanks for your cooperation.

On/Off Leash

On arrival, please keep your dog on the lead while it familiarizes itself with the site. Once settled, feel free to let your dog run and have fun off leash on the big paddocks outside your suite, though please be mindful to always keep them in sight so they don’t wander too far or escape over/through fences to neighbouring properties. Also ensure any poo is picked up and disposed of in the provided bags.

Other Dogs

There may well be other dogs on site, and/or staying in the other suites.  Please supervise “greetings” to ensure there are no doggy arguments or unwanted advances. Many dogs are very well socialised, but others are shy and nervous of dogs they don’t know. We want to make sure that everyone has a happy stay here, so your cooperation is appreciated.

Home Comforts

We ask that owners please bring their dogs bed, food/water bowls and any other “home comforts" - but if you do forget something, there is a “doggy welcome basket” beside the front door, to help with essentials during your stay. Water/food bowls, towels, lint roller and poo bags. We kindly ask that your dog stays off the furniture and beds, but if for whatever reason, they do get on them, please use the towels provided, to cover the bed/couches etc, and use the lint roller to remove dog hair at the end of your stay if necessary. When wet outside, please ensure your dog is dry (with the provided towels) before coming inside.

Poo Bags

Poo bags can be placed in the outside bin, which we will clear at the end of your stay. Please ensure that poo bags are used every time the dog goes to the toilet, to keep our property as clean as possible, and so grass mowing doesn’t cause muck spreading incidents!


Please be aware there are other guests on the property, so we ask that barking is kept to a minimum, particularly in the early mornings and evenings. If any dog is persistently barking, causing nuisance or distress to other guests, we reserve the right to ask the owner to leave.

Dogs must not be left alone and unattended in your suite/fenced area at any time. We are proud of our property, and need to keep the suites in top condition, which is incompatible with dogs chewing furniture, and going to the toilet inside. This is particularly relevant for puppies. Reimbursement for any damage caused to the furnishings by your dog will be your responsibility.

Please note

Please note that the South Coast is a tick area and you should speak to you vet to ensure your dog has adequate protection prior to arrival. There are several dog friendly beaches in the area, with Tilba Beach (Cemetery beach), being off-leash year-round, and time-share beaches such as Mystery Bay beach (off-leash 24hrs in the winter and in summer dogs are allowed off-leash before 9am and after 5pm), and Handkerchief beach which are also great – there is a fenced, off-leash area in the centre of Narooma at NATA Oval. Please visit the following link for a list of the Eurobodalla shires dog friendly beaches and exercise areas:

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Ollie Bar Beach Narooma NSW
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Here at Tilba Coastal Retreat, we love dogs

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